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School Terms 2019

Term 1: 30 January - 12 April

Term 2: 29 April - 5 July

Term 3: 22 July - 27 September

Term 4: 14 October - 5 December

School Terms 2020

Term 1: 4 February - 9 April

Term 2: 28 April - 3 July

Term 3: 20 July - 25 September

Term 4: 12 October - 4 December

Code of Expected Behaviour

The Northcote College school behaviour guidelines are founded in respect - for self, others and the environment.

Northcote College values are Respect for Self / Others / the Environment.  Principles of restorative
practice are followed and there is an emphasis on positive behaviour for learning.


We are courteous and show respect in all our dealings with others.
- Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
- Physical violence, sexual harassment, bullying and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
- Material which is homophobic, racist, sexual, sexist or violent must not be brought to school.

We always represent the school in a positive manner.  This means:
-  Students will abide by fair play rules when playing sport.
- Northcote College uniform will be worn correctly and with pride. (Refer to Uniform Guidelines)

- Students are expected to be at school by 8.55am.
- Students arriving after 9am are expected to sign in at the Attendance Office.
- To attend an appointment outside school an appointment card or note from a parent is required to obtain an exit slip from the Attendance Office.
- Students who become unwell during the school day must report to the nurse and must not leave the College without permission.  Appropriate arrangements will be made to care for the student or for collection by parents.

- This means that students are expected to treat school property and the property of others with respect.
- Students are responsible for their personal property. No responsibility is taken by the school for loss or damage.
- Students will not take or use the property of another student without permission.
- Students will bring to class all required materials and equipment.
- Laptops, chromebooks and tablets are encouraged for learning at school but must be switched off if requested by the teacher.
- A mobile phone is a device designed for communication and quick reference and it is expected that in the classroom, mobile phones will be turned off/on silent and be kept out of sight - unless specific permission has been given by the teacher.
- During class time and at school events headphones are not to be used and are not to be visible unless specifically allowed by the staff member in charge.

- The work submitted for assessment must be original.
- All resources used in an assessment are to be itemised within a reference list or bibliography. (Refer to Northcote College Assessment Policy in Practice)
- To comply with the Copyright Act 1994 students are not to download any files such as music, videos, games or programmes.

- Northcote College is a smoke, drug and alcohol free school.
- We strive for a safe environment free of any hazardous and/or potentially dangerous substances and objects.  This means:
a.    Substances or articles that are likely to be harmful (matches, fireworks, offensive weapons, knives etc.) must not be brought to College.
b.    Smoking and the possession of smoking equipment is forbidden.
c.    Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor is forbidden.
d.    Drug usage and possession for use other than for a diagnosed medical condition is forbidden.
If there is a suspicion that a student has broken any of the above rules the school reserves the right to search personal property in accordance with Ministry of Education search and seizure guidelines.
- Permanent markers, chewing gum and aerosol cans are not allowed at Northcote College.

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