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School Terms 2019

Term 1: 30 January - 12 April

Term 2: 29 April - 5 July

Term 3: 22 July - 27 September

Term 4: 14 October - 5 December

Northcote Athletics Day

The Northcote College Athletics Day was held on February 10th at Onewa Domain with every junior student competing and the dedicated track and field senior eventors making the most of the opportunity to challenge their peers.



Northcote College Athletic Champions – 2017

Junior Girls

1st= Amalia Wingfield 10CLN 19 points 
1st= Amayah Wingfield 10MCL 19 points 
3rd Charlotte Barry-Walsh 9GVT 13 points 
4th Samari McCall 9WHN 12 points 
5th Zoe Williams 9KLU 10 points 
6th= Brianna Hadley 9HC 8 points 
6th= Ferne Skill 10HR 8 points 
6th= Bella Holland 9AMS 8 points 
6th= Maja Shaw 9HC 8 points 


Junior Boys

1st James Scott 10KLU 38 points 
2nd Johnathon Yardley 9JSP 15 points 
3rd Kees De Groot 10KLU 13 points 
4th= Luke Doughty 10MCL 10 points 
4th= Peter Davis 9WHN 10 points 
6th= Deon Shields 9HC 7 points 
6th= Waikohu Ruka-Tepania 9WHN 7 points 
6th= Nathan Smith 9JSP 7 points 


Intermediate Girls

1st Natasha Gordon 11WL 35 points 
2nd Alex Phillips 11TY 18 points 
3rd ‘Niamh Galligan 12ZLM 16 points 
4th Saartje Ly 10DVS 13 points 
5th Jaiya Bharti 10HR 10 points 
6th Abby Dromgool 10MM 9 points 
7th Nat Gunawan 10HR 8 points 
8th Coco Meikle-Downing 10MM 5 points 


Intermediate Boys

1st Jeremiah Rogo 11COL 21 points 
2nd Tristan Uhi 10HR 17 points 
3rd Lewis Broughton 11BRD 12 points 
4th= George Brown 11TY 10 points 
4th= Kaze Matheson 10MM 10 points 
6th= Stefan Tribelhorn 10MM 7 points 
6th= Oliver Hayward 11BRD 7 points 
6th= Perry Willimott 10DVS 7 points 


Senior Girls

1st Cynthia Saijaipadoi 12EDL 30 points 
2nd Sarah Rogerson 13BE 28 points 
3rd Mackenzie Crompton 13KDY 14 points 
4th= Seini Schaumkel 13KDY 9 points 
4th= Finesa Makasini 13HU 9 points 
6th= Alysha Burgess 13KDY 8 points 
6th= ‘Ana-Mafi Vave 12HWD 8 points 
8th= Flataysha Gataua 13HRG 7 points 
8th= Vaisioa Vai 13KDY 7 points 


Senior Boys

1st George Leask 13KDY 25 points 
2nd Ethan Wingfield 12UN 18 points 
3rd Amadeus Korunic 12UN 15 points 
4th Javarn Morman 12UN 14 points 
5th= Lea Folau 13HU 13 points 
5th= Lennox Uluilakepa 12MKR 13 points 
7th Tady Malone 12ZLM 10 points 
8th= Vince Rushton 13GRI 7 points 
8th= Thomas Oakley-Smith 12MZ 7 points 

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