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Financial Scholarships

Financial Scholarships for Tertiary level study are available from most institutions and some private organisations.

Financial Scholarships range in value from one off payments to high value awards that cover tuition fees for up to 3 years. Students are encouraged to read the information provided below and to talk with Ms Russell in advance of applying for a scholarship.

Financial Scholarships for Tertiary level study are available from most institutions and some private organisations.

Scholarships are generally awarded on academic ability, and depending on the scholarship, will also take into account financial hardship.

Most Universities also offer scholarships in many of their Faculties, ie Engineering, so it is imperative that you read through the whole list. There is money available - make sure you are the person that gets it!

Remember that scholarships are based on your academic results, and take into account your Year 12 results ONLY. You should have Level 2 NCEA with an overall Excellence endorsement before you consider applying for most scholarships.

Closing Dates are important! Make sure you check the date applications are due - many close in the next month - 6 weeks.

Scholarship Application tips are also available in the document below. This should help you to prepare your application. 

Mr McNaughton is available to assist you with your application. Contact him by email, attach what you have written so far, and they will check what you have written and get back to you with feedback. Your English teacher would also be a good person to check your application. It is more than wise to have your application checked by an adult.

Below are links to Scholarship information pages: 

The University of Auckland


Massey University

The University of Waikato

Victoria University of Wellington

The University of Canterbury

The University of Otago


AMP Study Start Scholarship

MESNZ Engineering Scholarship

Keystone Trust - property qualifications, including but not limited to, Engineering, Architecture, Construction, Property and Planning. 

The College of Camille - beauty therapy 

You might also want to consider the Aimes Award offered by the North Harbour Club for significantly talented young people.

Maori & Pasifika Scholarships:

Several universities offer significant scholarships to high achieving students of Maori or Pacific ancestry who have demonstrated leadership. Some information is provided in the links below but this is not an exhaustive list. Please refer to the website of every university that you are interested in attending and search for undergraduate or school leaver scholarships.

University of Auckland Maori Academic Excellence Scholarship

University of Auckland Pacific Excellence Scholarship

Auckland University of Technology Kiwa Undergraduate Scholarship

Other scholarships are available based on the prinicples of equity eg for female, international, refugee, disabled and those students who will be the first in their family to attend a university. Check out the details on eachuniversity website.

This page will be update as more scholarships are made available.


IMPORTANT: If you need to give contact details for an online application you must use this email address:


For a full and complete list of scholarships available in NZ, you need to go to a Public Library where you can access the Breakout website. Ask the librarian for assistance.

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