Last year’s popular Year 9 Maths-For-Parents evenings are back – and are an even bigger hit than before.
There’s something afoot – literally underfoot in most cases – around the college today.
Four outstanding students have been announced as Northcote College’s head students and deputy head students for 2020.
Hearty congratulations to Northcote College’s scholarship recipients, who were honoured today at Senior Assembly and at a special morning tea with staff.
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We offer a wide range of codes at Northcote and encourage students to talk to the sports department if they have an interest in a code that is not currently offered. Sport at Northcote College is self-funding. There may therefore be a fee charged to cover team registration fee, uniform and transport.

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Friendly Library staff are available to help you with finding and choosing great reads.

All parents of Northcote College students have access to attendance and achievement information for their child through the Parent Portal using the password issued at the start of Year 9.