A Message from Ms Barrie

A Message from Ms Barrie

Kia ora tātou

Well done everyone on being part of the New Zealand’s Team of Five Million and achieving the move back to Covid-19 Level 2.

To keep everyone safe during Covid-19 Level 2 you will notice some changes around the school and in our expectations.

There is quite a long list for you to read, do and think about.

We need to do these things to stay safe and to be able to come to school.


Stay Home If You Are Unwell

Take this more seriously than ever before.

Unwell includes any of the following: sore throat, cough, sneezing with or without a temperature.


Social Distancing

Keep a 1 metre distance between you and others where you can.

No touching other people.

No hugs, no high fives and no handshakes.

Follow signs and instructions.


Personal Hygiene

Wash and dry your hands and/or sanitise your hands frequently.

Cough and sneeze into your elbow.

Avoid touching your face.


Eating and Drinking

Bring your own food and a drink in a bottle.  

Don’t share food or drink.


Clean Environment

There is hand sanitiser and disinfectant around the school.

Tables/desks and equipment will be cleaned between classes.


Contact Tracing

You will be asked each form time and at the start of Period 4 each day to record who you spent time with outside of your timetabled classes.


School Buses

The buses are running.

You can only pay with a registered Hop Card.


The first day Monday 18 May - Day 6

There is a form time at 9am.

Years 9-12: Remember to bring your own device and headphones to school each day. 

Year 13: You are encouraged to bring your own device to school each day.



Team sports training will begin again.

You can play non-contact sport on the fields and courts at interval and lunchtimes.

Don’t bring sports equipment from home.

Sports equipment will be available from the Sports Department.


Click here to see more detail about Covid-19 Level 2 at Northcote College


See you on Monday.


He waka eke noa.

Ms Barrie