Zone Information

Zone Information

Enrolment Scheme

Northcote College operates an Enrolment Scheme, which means that it has a 'home' zone or a geographical area surrounding the school that guarantees families living within that zone automatic entry. All students who live within the "home zone" have the automatic right to enrol at Northcote College.

If you live outside of the 'home' zone, your application will be placed in the respective 'Out of Zone' priority group and will go to ballot if one is required.

For more information about Out of Zone applications, visit:  Enrolment Application Process


Map of the Northcote College 'home' zone


Northcote College Zone Image


Northcote College Zone Street Index



Akoranga Drive, Northcote

Alfred Street, Northcote

Alice Place, Hillcrest

Alma Street, Northcote Pt

Almadale Place, Hillcrest

Alton Avenue, Hillcrest

Aorangi Place, Birkenhead

Anne Road, Hillcrest

Arahia Street, Northcote

Archers Road, Glenfield (0 – 164)

Awanui Street, Birkenhead

Awataha Dr, Northcote



Balmain Road, Birkenhead

Bank Street, Hillcrest

Barlow Place, Birkenhead

Bartley Street, Northcote Pt

Beach Road, Northcote Pt

Beatrice Avenue, Hillcrest

Bellevue Avenue, Northcote Pt

Benders Avenue, Hillcrest

Berne Place, Birkenhead

Betsland Crescent, Hillcrest

Birkenhead Avenue, Birkenhead

Blundell Place, Birkenhead

Bragato Place, Birkenhead

Brassey Road, Birkenhead

Bridge View Road, Birkenhead

Bruce Street, Northcote

Brussells Place, Birkenhead

Busbridge Place, Hillcrest

Bushview Lane, Northcote Pt



Cadness Street, Northcote

Calman Place, Birkenhead

Catrina Avenue, Birkenhead

Chatswood Grove, Birkenhead

Chelsea View Drive, Birkenhead

Cheryl Place, Hillcrest

Church Street, Northcote Pt

City View Terrace, Birkenhead

Clarence Road, Northcote

Cobblestone Lane, Northcote

College Road, Northcote

Colonial Road, Birkenhead

Compton Street, Hillcrest

Coroglen Avenue, Birkenhead

Coronation Road, Glenfield

Council Terrace, Northcote



David Beattie Place, Birkenhead

Denby Lane, Northcote

Duexberry Avenue, Northcote

Dudding Avenue, Northcote

Duke Street, Northcote Pt



Eban Avenue, Hillcrest

Ellen Avenue, Hillcrest

Ensign Place, Hillcrest

Enterprise Street, Birkenhead

Ernie Mays Street, Northcote

Evelyn Place, Hillcrest

Exmouth Road, Northcote



Fairfax Avenue, Northcote

Faulkner Road, Northcote Pt

Felstead Street, Birkenhead

Fitzpatrick Place, Birkenhead

Fowler Street, Northcote

Fraser Avenue, Northcote



Glade Place, Birkenhead

Gladstone Road, Northcote

Glenbush Place, Birkenhead

Glenfield Road, Glenfield (0 – 267)

Glenwood Avenue, Birkenhead

Greenslade Crescent, Northcote

Gretel Place, Hillcrest



Hague Place, Birkenhead

Hall Street, Northcote Pt

Hammond Place, Birkenhead

Harper Street, Birkenhead

Havenwood Place, Birkenhead

Heath Avenue, Northcote

Heaton Grove, Birkenhead

Herons Way, Northcote

Highbury Bypass, Birkenhead

Hillcrest Avenue, Hillcrest

Hinemoa Street, Birkenhead

Hinemoa Terrace, Birkenhead

Holdaway Avenue, Northcote

Holland Road, Hillcrest

Holyoake Place, Birkenhead

Homeward Place, Birkenhead

Howard Road, Northcote

Huka Road, Birkenhead

Hume Drive, Hillcrest

Huataki Rd, Northcote



Inkster Street, Birkenhead

Ian Marwick Place, Birkenhead



James Evans Drive, Northcote

Jessmae Place, Hillcrest

John Court Street, Birkenhead



Kaihu Street, Northcote

Kaka Street, Northcote

Kauri Glen Road, Northcote

Kauri Road ( Balmain End Only)

Kawana Street, Northcote

Kerrymaria Place, Hillcrest

Kilham Avenue, Northcote

King Street, Northcote Pt

Kitewao Street, Northcote

Ko Street, Northcote

Kororo Street, Northcote

Koeke Rd, Northcote



Lake Road, Northcote

Langstone Place, Birkenhead

La Roche Place, Northcote

Learmonth Avenue, Birkenhead

Lenihan Street, Northcote

Le Roy Terrace, Birkenhead

Liddell Street, Hillcrest

Linley Place, Hillcrest

Liston Street, Northcote

Lydia Avenue, Northcote

Lynden Avenue, Hillcrest

Lynngate Place, Hillcrest


McDowell Crescent, Hillcrest

McBreen Avenue, Northcote

McFetridge Place, Hillcrest

Mahara Avenue, Birkenhead

Mahuta Grove, Northcote

Maika Lane, Birkenhead

Makepiece Lane, Birkenhead

Mannering Place, Hillcrest

Mappin Place, Birkenhead

Mariposa Crescent, Birkenhead

Maritime Terrace, Birkenhead

Martin Crescent, Northcote

Marywil Crescent, Hillcrest

Matanui Street, Northcote

Maunganui Road, Birkenhead

Menear Lane, Glenfield

Milton Road, Northcote

Miraka Place, Birkenhead

Mokoia Road, Birkenhead

Mollyhawk Place, Birkenhead

Monarch Avenue, Hillcrest

Moore Street, Hillcrest

Moore Street, Northcote

Mosman Place, Birkenhead

Mountbatten Avenue, Hillcrest

Munstead Place, Northcote

Murano Place, Birkenhead

Mahana Rd, Northcote

Matatiki Street, Northcote




Nea Place, Hillcrest

Nelson Avenue, Northcote Pt

Niagara Place, Birkenhead

Nicholson Place, Hillcrest

Northcote Road, Northcote

Northgrove Avenue, Hillcrest

Northwick Place, Hillcrest

Nutsey Avenue, Northcote



Ocean View Road, Northcote

Onetaunga Road, Birkenhead

Onewa Road, Northcote

Orion Place, Hillcrest



Paetahi Lane, Northcote

Palmerston Road, Birkenhead

Paris Place, Birkenhead

Parity Place, Hillcrest

Park Avenue, Northcote

Park Hill Road, Birkenhead

Paruru Avenue, Northcote

Pearn Crescent, Northcote

Pearn Place, Northcote

Peregrine Place, Birkenhead

Petticoat Lane, Hillcrest

Philip Place, Hillcrest

Philip Keith Rise, Hillcrest

Porritt Avenue, Birkenhead

Portsea Palace, Birkenhead

Potter Avenue, Northcote

Princes Street, Northcote Pt

Puawai Place, Northcote

Pullum Street, Birkenhead

Pupuke Road, Hillcrest

Pūtohe Road, Northcote



Queen Street, Northcote



Radiata Lane, Birkenhead

Raeben Avenue, Hillcrest

Raleigh Road, Northcote

Raupapa Street, Northcote

Ravenstone Place, Birkenhead

Rawene Road, Birkenhead

Raymond Terrace, Northcote

Recreation Drive, Birkenhead

Richardson Place, Northcote

Richmond Avenue, Northcote Pt

Rodney Road, Northcote Pt

Roseberry Avenue, Birkenhead

Rugby Road, Birkenhead



Sampson Lane, Northcote

Satchell Place, Birkenhead

Seaview Avenue,Hillcrest

Shanaway Rise, Hillcrest

Soldiers Bay Place, Birkenhead

Speedy Crescent, Hillcrest

St. Peters Street, Northcote Pt

Stafford Road, Northcote

Stannaway Street, Hillcrest

Sunnybrae Road, Hillcrest

Sulphur Beach Road, Northcote

Sylvan Avenue, Northcote Pt

Sylvia Road, Hillcrest



Tahinga Street, Northcote

Tarahanga Street, Northcote

Telephone Road, Birkenhead

Tennyson Street, Northcote Pt

Terrylyn Drive, Hillcrest

Tiakina Road, Northcote

Tilden Avenue, Hillcrest

Titiwai Place, Birkenhead

Tizard Road, Birkenhead

Toitoi Place, Northcote

Tonar Street, Northcote

Totara Grove, Hillcrest

Trader Street, Birkenhead

Tranquil Glade, Hillcrest

Trelawny Place, Hillcrest

Tudward Glade, Hillcrest

Tui Glen Road, Birkenhead

Tye Road, Hillcrest



Uppingham Crescent,Hillcrest



Valley Road, Northcote

Velma Road, Hillcrest

Vienna Place, Birkenhead

Vincent Road, Northcote Pt



Waimana Avenue, Northcote Pt

Wakanui Street, Birkenhead

Wanganella Street, Birkenhead

Waratah Street, Birkenhead

Welland Place, Hillcrest 

Wernham Place, Northcote 

Wilding Avenue, Northcote Pt

Willow Avenue, Birkenhead

Woodside Avenue, Northcote



Zion Road, Birkenhead