With the impending festive season and end of school celebrations, some teenagers may be feeling ready to party, wanting to put the disruptions, frustrations and disappointments of this past year, behind them. This special report discusses how parents and carers can talk with their teens about sensible drinking habits.
Congratulations to Northcote College’s 2021 Dux Emma Graham.
It’s become common to hear swearing and offensive language around us every day – on the streets, tv, social media, music, and more. But while it’s become less taboo, derogatory language and swearing about someone, or at them, is still a form of verbal abuse.
Northcote College Year 9 and Year 10 students are invited to return to school from Monday 22 November (not at earlier dates you may see in the media). You can choose whether or not your child returns to school on 22 November. Please make the decision that is best for your child and your whānau. 
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