Useful Information

Class Times


Period 1      9.00am
Period 2    10.00am
Interval     11.00am
Senior Assembly 11.30am followed by period 3
Junior Assembly  
follows period 3 and starts at  12.10pm
Lunch 12.45pm
Period 4 1.30pm  
Period 5  2.30pm     3.30pm

Tuesday, Thursday, Friday

Period 1      9.00am
Period 2    10.00am
Interval     11.00am
Level Assembly/ Form Period 11.30am
Period 3 11.45pm
Lunch 12.45pm
Period 4 1.30pm  
Period 5    2.30pm

Teachers start the day at 8.15am with Professional Learning. Students are welcome at school and student spaces including the Library and Kauri are available.

Period 1      9.30am
Period 2    10.15am

From 11am class times are as normal for Tuesday, Thursday and Friday.

Map of the School


Code of Expected Behaviour

Northcote College values are Respect for Self / Others / the Environment. Principles of restorative practice are followed and there is an emphasis on positive behaviour for learning. 

Attitude to Others
We are courteous and show respect in all our dealings with others.

  •   Disruptive behaviour will not be tolerated.
  •   Physical violence, sexual harassment, bullying and/or verbal abuse will not be tolerated.
  •   Material which is homophobic, racist, sexual, sexist or violent must not be brought to school.

We always represent the school in a positive manner.  This means:

    •   Students will abide by fair play rules when playing sport.
    •   Northcote College uniform will be worn correctly. (Refer to Uniform Guidelines below)  


  •   Students are expected to be at school 5 minutes before the start of the first lesson.
  •   Students arriving after the start of period 1 are expected to sign in at Harakeke|Student Reception.
  •   To attend an appointment outside school an appointment card or note from a parent/caregiver is required to obtain an exit slip from Harakeke|Student Reception.
  •   Students who become unwell during the school day must report to the nurse and must not leave the College without permission.  Appropriate arrangements will be made to care for the student or 
       for collection by parent/caregiver.

Respect for the Environment and Property

A clean, orderly environment is necessary for wellbeing and learning.

  •   Students are expected to treat the school environment and school property and the property of others with respect.
  •   Students are responsible for their personal property. No responsibility is taken by the school for loss or damage.
  •   Students will not take or use the property of another student without permission.
  •   Students will bring to class all required materials and equipment.
  •   Laptops, chromebooks, tablets and headphones are required for learning at school but devices must be switched off and headphones removed when requested by the teacher.

Intellectual Property

  •   The work submitted for assessment must be original.
  •   All resources used in an assessment are to be itemised within a reference list or bibliography. (Refer to Northcote College Assessment Policy in Practice)
  •   To comply with the Copyright Act 1994 students are not to download any files such as music, videos, games or programmes.

Prohibited Items

  •   Northcote College is a smoke, vape, drug and alcohol free school.
  •   We strive for a safe environment free of any hazardous and/or potentially dangerous substances and objects.  This means:
  1. Substances or articles that are likely to be harmful (matches, fireworks, offensive weapons,
    knives etc.) must not be brought to College.
  2. Smoking, vaping, and the possession of smoking or vaping equipment is forbidden.
  3. Possession and/or consumption of alcoholic liquor is forbidden.
  4. Use or possession of any drug (other than for a diagnosed medical condition) is forbidden.
  5. Permanent markers, chewing gum and aerosol cans are forbidden.

If a student breaches any of the above expectations the school may take a range of actions in accordance with the Education and Training Act and the school’s policies and procedures.  Such actions may include (where appropriate) disciplinary action, requiring the surrender of a device or item, and/or carrying out a search for an item.

Mobile phones

It is a requirement that at school, mobile phones will be turned off and in bags between 8.55am and 3.30pm. (Note: 9.25am on Wednesdays)

The only exceptions to this requirement are when:

  • The teacher requires students to use phones for a specific learning activity.
  • A student needs a phone to monitor an ongoing medical condition (such as glucose levels). This will require written approval in advance from the Principal.
  • The phone is required to assist a student with a disability. This will require written approval in advance from the Principal.

The Principal may decide that a phone is needed for special circumstances. Special circumstances currently approved by the Principal include:

  • Students at Northcote College can pay at the cafe and student reception with their phones.
  • Students at Northcote College scan a QR code with their phone if they need to go to the bathroom during class. Note: The phone is left with the teacher in class.
  • The Principal (or delegated staff member eg. SLT, Guidance Counsellors and Deans) may allow a student to use their cellphone in special circumstances to facilitate contact with a parent/caregiver or another person for a particular purpose.

If a student breaches these cell phone rules, the phone will be confiscated for the rest of the school day.  Confiscated phones will be taken to the main office for parents to collect. The breach will be recorded in KAMAR, our student management system.

The school may require a student to hand their phone into the Harakeke | Student Reception at the beginning of the day and collect it at the end, if they cannot self-manage their phone use. A student who knows they will struggle to meet these requirements may voluntarily hand their phone into to Harakeke | Student Reception at the start of a day and collect at the end of the day.


A student needing to contact a parent/caregiver can ask to use the phone at Harakeke |Student Reception. If a parent/caregiver needs to contact their child urgently during the day, they should call Student Reception (09 4810141 Ext 724) or the Main Office (09 4810141) or email their child using their school email address.

Messages to students may be sent via their school email address. Alerts on the SchoolApp, TeamReach and other platforms must be scheduled to send before or after school.

Camps and School Trips Events and Sport:

In general the ‘Away for the Day’ rule will apply to students on school trips and at school camps and will not apply to after school, evening and weekend sport and events. However, decisions about any exceptions to this will be made and communicated on a case by case basis.

Uniform Guidelines

We expect Northcote College uniform will be worn correctly and with pride.

  • School Uniform Years 9 -12
  • Northcote College uniform is worn by students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.
  • Correct uniform is to be worn at school, to and from school, and at all school functions.
  • All uniform must be tidy, clean and in good repair.

Parents and students may select items from the list provided.  No other items, including sports team uniform, may be worn with the school uniform.   Uniform items are available from Yarnton’s, Birkenhead.

  • Short or long sleeve shirt (tailored or plain style) /Navy Fleece
  • Navy school jacket with hood / Navy Trousers
  • Navy Shorts / Navy Skirt
  • Navy Sarong/Tupenu/Lava lava / Black shoes (refer below)
  • Black belt / Plain navy cap or bucket hat
  • School Beanie / Black socks or Black opaque tights

Student Appearance

  • Facial hair is to be neatly trimmed
  • T-shirts worn under uniforms are not to be visible.
  • Skirt lengths are to be modest.


  • The expectation is that hair styles and colour are not extreme.
  • Long hair must be tied up for Health & Safety reasons in a workshop or laboratory  and when wearing the No.1 uniform.
  • Plain navy blue or black headbands may be worn.

Jewellery and Nail Polish

  • Students are permitted a watch, one small plain stud worn in each ear, one small nose stud (no other facial piercing is permitted)
  • Necklaces should not be visible.
  • Natural or pale coloured nail polish may be worn.


  • Plain black (no colour), low heeled, low cut, shoes are required with uniform.  No boots, or sports boots are to be worn.  Note: plain black socks or black stockings must be worn with black shoes. 
  • Students may wear plain flat black sandals without socks but shoes with a full heel and toe must be worn in any laboratory or workshop.

Sports Uniform

  • Physical Education – a change of clothes must be worn for all P.E. classes. The PE uniform is to be worn by all students Year 9 to 12. Shorts and a T-shirt suitable for the purpose must be worn by Year 13 students participating in PE (refer to Year 13 dress code).
  • Students playing sport for Northcote College will wear complete and correct sports uniform.

Formal Dress Uniform (No. 1 Uniform)
When representing Northcote College and wearing the school blazer the following applies:

  • School blazer
  • School tie
  • White shirt with a collar to take a tie  (buttoned to the neck)
  • Navy school skirt, or Navy sarong/Tupenu/Lavalava, or black dress trousers
  • Black opaque tights or black socks
  • Black leather dress shoes (clean and polished)

Points to note:

  • Long hair must be tied up 
  • Jewellery must be kept to a minimum - One pair of small plain studs and a watch. 
  • Shoes are to be flat (Canvas shoes are not acceptable with the No.1 uniform)
  • No nail polish.
  • Facial hair is to be neatly trimmed.

Year 13 Dress Code:

The guiding principle for Year 13 dress is that students should be wearing clothes that are suitable to wear to a place of work where they are dealing with members of the public.  Beachwear is not acceptable.

Acceptable presentation must include tidiness, cleanliness, clothing that is not torn/frayed, moderation with regard for other people’s values, dress that is not offensive to others.

This precludes:

  • the wearing of garments with offensive material on them
  • garments advertising alcohol, cigarettes, drugs
  • showing bare midriffs