Year 10 Physical Education

Throughout the year students will focus on the following areas:


Factors that affect Participation: the benefits of being active:
It is hoped that students will have a lifelong involvement with physical activity. 
Students will:

  • Recognise the benefits of participation and being involved in physical activity.
  • Be challenged to evaluate their participation at the end of each session. Students to recognise the wide range of factors that influence their performance and participation in physical activity.
  • Learn how regular exercise contributes to a healthy lifestyle.
  • Recognise the barriers and enablers to physical activity and a healthy lifestyle.

Social and Personal Responsibility

Our students work very well in group situations. What we would like to achieve in this unit of work is to give students the ability to enhance and refine their interpersonal skills. It is expected that by giving the students the opportunity to work on their IP skills they will be able to identify opportunities to step up and become a good leader, manager, coach, referee and team member.

Working with others

In life, in and out of school, there are multiple situations where people work together. It is therefore important that students are given explicit opportunities to work co-operatively in group situations to complete tasks. This will assist students to adapt their practice to help the performance of their team. Overall,, students will gain an appreciation of the importance of effective team work as a means of enjoying success in co-operative activities.

Being inclusive - Support and Encouragement

In this module of work we will look at being inclusive and accepting diversity.  We will develop this through; supporting and encouraging all classmates, peer teaching of skills and strategies, showing patience, positive feedback and feedforward.
There is a focus on learning to accept the individual strengths/weaknesses of individual team members in the minor games and channel the collective abilities of their team to good effect in order to be successful in these teams. 

Performance Improvement 

To provide our students with the skills necessary to engage in physical activity we need to give them the opportunities to learn and develop different fitness components. The intention of this unit of work is to provide students with the ability to understand different fitness components and have opportunities to improve in these areas. In particular, students will be given an understanding of biomechanical and anatomical principles  and how performance of these components can be improved. 

Expression of Movement

This unit of work is about allowing students to create and gain an appreciation of the enjoyment of dance and its function as one method of maintaining/improving physical fitness. In groups, students will have the chance to work with a variety of individuals to research and negotiate movement tasks. This will challenge students to have a go at things that they would not normally do. Students will also gain an appreciation of physical activity to music.

Creative Games / Team games

Students will get the opportunity to be creative and be part of a team. In groups they will be asked to design, implement and run a game for the rest of the class. Overall students will gain an appreciation of the importance of effective team work as a means of enjoying success in co-operative activities. Students will have opportunities to be adaptable, and develop leadership skills.

Water Confidence/ Surf Survival

Northcote students are surrounded by water. We want to provide our students with the opportunity to be engaged in areas of potential risk so that they are able to make good risk management decisions for themselves and others should a need arise. Students will also be provided with the opportunities to learn how to make informed decisions in and around the beach and surf.


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