Learning Support Centre (LSC)

Northcote College is fortunate to have 2 classrooms set up to support students with specific learning needs. The LSC has 3 teachers and 5 student support workers and aims to provide support for students in a variety of ways including:


  •     Specialised learning programmes to support students with their individual learning needs.
  •     Development of numeracy, literacy, comprehension, writing and reading skills.
  •     Support for students with mainstream classes.
  •     Co-ordination of student support workers to assist students where appropriate.
  •     Information gathering and communication with staff about student needs.
  •     Organisation of Special Olympic activities /events.
  •     Organisation of support for ORS funded students.
  •     Coordinate links to appropriate external services e.g. RTLB support (Resource Teachers for Learning and Behaviour).
  •     Transition planning with senior students, working alongside an accredited provider.
  •     Basic Life Skills programmes.
  •     A welcoming friendly base at break and lunchtimes.

If you have any queries please contact Head of Supported Learning: Leanne Kimpton.