Junior Technology

Technology is an important learning area in the New Zealand curriculum and provides opportunities for students to develop and extend their ideas to explore creative solutions to practical problems.  Innovation is at the heart of technological practice and this subject provides students with the opportunity to develop products that address needs. Students are challenged to explore and trial new ideas and concepts.  They work creatively, solve problems and take risks. 

Junior Technology at Northcote College consists of; Food Technology, Design & Visual Communication, Fashion & Textiles, Hard Materials Technology, Electronics and Digital & Creative Technologies. Students are exposed to a range of these learning areas in years 9 and 10. Each subject follows the design process of research, design, model/test, manufacture and evaluate. There is a high practical element to Technology as a learning area and students will produce a range of finished outcomes as well as gain an array of useful practical skills.



Junior Technology Student Work



Hard Materials

Food Technology