Physical Education

Year 9 Physical Education

From the start of secondary school students will be encouraged to start taking responsibility for their own self.  Students will identify areas of self-management in regards to Preparation, Participation and Self Control.

Year 10 Physical Education

Our students work very well in group situations. What we would like to achieve in this unit of work is to give students the ability to enhance and refine their interpersonal skills.

Year 11 NCEA Physical Education

We start with a volleyball module in which the students engage in skill learning. During this unit students are able to learn and practise new techniques.

Year 12 NCEA Physical Education

We start in the school pool where students learn about risk management through snorkelling. This culminating in a field trip to Goat Island where the learned practical skills are applied in open water. 

Year 13 NCEA Physical Education

We start the year creating and evaluating different safety management strategies that can be applied to the Year 13 Camp. Along with the practical lessons, there is a steady and demanding amount of theory and written assignment work.

Year 13 NCEA Sports Studies

This course consists of four practical modules in Risk Management, Training Programmes, Leadership in Teaching Physical Education and Physical Skills in Touch or Rugby.