Year 11 NCEA Physical Education

We start with a volleyball module in which the students engage in skill learning. During this unit students are able to learn and practise new techniques. The next module looks at how the body functions during physical activity, focussing on anatomy, biomechanics and exercise physiology. The next focus is on Self, working on strategies to improve self-management and to see how this affects student participation in class. Finally we give students opportunities to develop their own interpersonal skills (skills such as communication, co-operation, negotiation, accepting diversity and providing support and encouragement to others).

Student learning outcomes (Achievement Standards) 

  •     Participate actively in a variety of physical activities and explain factors that influence their own participation
  •     Describe the function of the body as it relates to the performance of physical activity 
  •     Demonstrate quality movement in the performance of a physical activity 
  •     Demonstrate interpersonal skills in a group and explain how these skills impact on others
  •     Demonstrate strategies to improve the performance of a physical  activity and describe the outcomes
  •     Demonstrate self-management strategies and describe the effects on participation in physical activity


(pics P111, P114)