Supported Learning

The Supported Learning Department offers advice and programmes for all students with additional learning needs. We aim to assist our students to minimise any challenges they face and to access the curriculum at their own level. We promote a nurturing environment alongside whanau/family, staff and outside agencies so our students feel safe and develop lifelong skills.


  • Leanne Kimpton   
  • Helen Morris         
  • Maria Mistlberger 
  • Clare Brockway    
  • Bridget Hawley     
  • Kirsty Irwin            
  • Carla Woodcock   
  • Rebecca Hall         

Learning Support Centre (LSC)

Northcote College is fortunate to have 2 classrooms set up to support students with specific learning needs. 

Support for Students in the Mainstream

Students attend mainstream classes and come out of one subject to the Supported Learning classroom - C8.