Health Education

Junior Health Education

Students are taught two modules of work that focus on influences, consequences  and strategies that affect an individual’s personal, interpersonal and societal wellbeing.  Year 10 expands on the concepts and strategies learnt in Year 9.

Year 11 NCEA Health Education

This subject focuses on learning skills and strategies to enhance wellbeing and to support the wellbeing of others. In Term 1 students develop and practise interpersonal skills such as listening, assertiveness and a variety of problem solving skills.

Year 12 NCEA Health Education

In Year 12 we investigate a series of modules aimed at enhancing adolescent wellbeing with an underlying focus on personal, interpersonal and societal influences on health.

Year 13 Health Education

In Year 13, we tackle a series of modules that look at specific health issues and the way they affect our community. The challenge for students is to come up with solutions and strategies to improve these difficult situations.