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2024 Northcote College Course Directory


Printed copies of the 2024 Course Directory will be available for students through their form teacher, at Harakeke | Student Reception and in the School Library.

Students and their caregivers are encouraged to look at the information in the 2024 Course Directory about the courses offered at each level, literacy, numeracy and university entrance. Subject teachers, Deans and form teachers are happy to help with course selection. 

Questions about courses offered are best answered by the Head of Department. 

Students will be able to select subjects for 2024 through the Parent Portal.

Subject selections need to be completed by Wednesday 20 September 2023.

Students are encouraged to talk with subject teachers and caregivers before selecting their course for 2024.

Course Directory 2024 flipbook

Northcote College 2024 Course Directory

Archive:  Course Directory 2023 pdf