All parents of Northcote College students have access to attendance and achievement information for their child through the Parent Portal using the password issued at the start of Year 9.

To Download the Northcote College App:

1. Download SchoolAppsNZ

  • Search for Northcote College
  • Subscribe to the group alerts that apply to you through the menu at the top left of the front page

2. For Parent Portal access:

  • Username: your parent portal username
  • Password: your parent portal password

Parent Portal Technical Support

Try these solutions if you are experiencing problems accessing the Parent Portal.

  • Q: The password I received does not allow me in, what can I do?
  • A: Please note that passwords are case sensitive. Also due to the font used in printing the passwords it can be hard to distinguish certain characters.

Common character mistakes:

The number one, lower case l and capital L, all look similar try substituting these characters in your password.
Also the number zero and capital O can cause confusion. Please take note that a 0 will be much narrower than an O.

  • Q: When I click the Parent Portal link it takes me to a blank webpage.
  • A: Please make sure your web browser is up-to-date with the latest version. For best compatibility we recommend: 
  • Google Chrome OR Mozilla Firefox

Additional Help

If you have forgotten your password please contact the school:

If you are still experiencing issues after trying the above solutions please notify the Technical Support Team at