Junior Health Education

Students are taught two modules of work that focus on influences, consequences  and strategies that affect an individual’s personal, interpersonal and societal wellbeing.  Year 10 expands on the concepts and strategies learnt in Year 9.

The first module is around Hauora and focuses on Total Wellbeing. It involves topics such as:

  •     Mental health and wellbeing 
  •     Self-worth and resilience
  •     Stress and anxiety
  •     Change, loss and grief
  •     Problem-solving
  •     The influence of drugs on our Hauora.

The second module is Sexuality Education and includes:

  •     Diversity and accepting others
  •     Healthy relationships, friendships and supporting others
  •     Peer pressure, respect and consent 
  •     Assertiveness skills and decision making
  •     Media influences and body image