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School History

  • Established in 1877, Northcote College has served the local community and beyond for more than 140 years and is proud to have second, third and fourth generation students currently in the school.
  • The school has an impressive record of outstanding achievement in national examinations, sport, drama and music.
  • A dedicated and highly competent team of teaching professionals and support staff are passionately committed to teaching and learning in the classroom and beyond.
  • Situated on Auckland's North Shore, the College enjoys excellent facilities for student learning, expansive sports fields, established trees and gardens all within 10 minutes of Auckland City and the beaches of the North Shore.
  • The College serves an established local community and also attracts students from greater Auckland and around the globe.
  • There are high expectations for student success. Students gain important skills, knowledge and qualifications.
  • Through opportunity, experience, expectation and support, Northcote College aims to maximise student achievement and to encourage each individual to reach his or her potential, not just while at school, but throughout their lives.
  • Involvement of students in school based activities beyond the standard academic curriculum is a key feature of the secondary education offered at Northcote College.  
  • The school recognises that self-esteem, character, people skills and adaptability are important for success in life. Diverse learning opportunities contribute to overall student engagement, enjoyment, learning and achievement.
  • The success of the students at Northcote College reflects the commitment of the students themselves and also the commitment of parents, teachers and others who guide, support, inspire and encourage students to achieve their very best.
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