Senior Te Reo Māori

NCEA Level 1

Students in this course will learn to use basic Māori language patterns spontaneously. The opportunities given include experimenting with new language reading independently and writing short passages. Research, communication-based activities and games are used to build conversational skills alongside reading, writing speaking and listening activities.

NCEA Level 2

Students in this course learn how to explain and discuss their own ideas and opinions and to use te reo creatively. They will also read a variety of authentic te reo materials and write expressively for a range of purposes. Research, group work, waiata and role play form part of the learning in this programme.

NCEA Level 3

In this course students will extend the learning from Level 2 Te Reo Māori through communication based activities, situational dialogue, group discussion, debates and a range of reading, writing, listening and speaking activities.