New Caledonia
New Caledonia

Every two years a trip to New Caledonia is offered to Year 11-13 students studying French at Northcote College whose applications are accepted. The next trip is planned for the April holidays 2020.

Language School

The focus of the trip is for students to immerse themselves in the French language, culture and history. Immersion is assisted by staying with host families and taking daily classes in the Creipac Language School.


As well as immersion language classes in the morning, students have the opportunity to discover the beautiful city of Nouméa with many activities planned for the afternoon. They gain cultural and historical knowledge of the city by visiting its museum, cathedral, market and aquarium. They can taste delicious French specialties and shop in local supermarkets.


Taking an excursion to the Amédée Island Lighthouse, 24 kilometres out from Nouméa is always a highlight. Students learn about the fragile natural marine reserve on a glass bottom boat ride. The bravest climb to the top of the tallest lighthouse in the world (56 metres high) to admire breath-taking panoramic views of the lagoon, or try coconut tree climbing.


Another adventure includes a visit to the “parc forestier” by Segway, where students can encounter endemic New Caledonian animals and flora.


Finally, the students have an insight into the local Kanak culture of New Caledonia with a guided tour and weaving class at the Tjibaou Cultural Centre which celebrates the history and culture of the Kanaks and recognise the cultural diversity that exists in the wider Pacific region.

An unforgettable trip that will awaken all your senses!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Mrs Morton, TIC French on