Support Services

Peer Support - Te Aka Tautoko Akonga

A personal development programme for secondary students, Peer Support contributes to the positive school culture by forging strong links and friendships between Year 13 and Year 9 students. The programme gives s enior students real responsibility in caring for and leading others.  It equips them with interpersonal and leadership skills which are of major benefit to them and to society.

Year 12 students who apply are trained to give emotional and moral encouragement to their younger peers. Successful completion of the Year 12 Peer Support Training course offered in December each year is necessary before selection of the Peer Support Leaders who will be allocated to Year 9 classes the following year.

During Term 1, Peer Support leaders spend at least an hour a week working alongside Year 9 students to help and support them through their first months at secondary school.

All students involved benefit from the process – peer support develops leadership skills among those providing the support and it raises the self-esteem and confidence of young students at a time when they may be vulnerable. 

Student Buddies

Year 9 students are invited to train as Buddies for new students who come to Northcote College part way through the year. Buddies help the new students to navigate and transition into the college as smoothly as possible.


The school values of Respect for Self and Respect for Others apply to how we all operate online.
If all students follow the 16 cybersafety rules agreed on enrolment there should be very few cybersafety issues.
If there is a problem involving on line harassment or sharing of inappropriate images talk to your Dean or to a senior leader.
For advice or to report offensive messages or images contact Netsafe. link:

Homework Centre

C8 is open every lunchtime to students wanting help with school work or a quiet place to complete work. Each day a teacher is available to assist.
The School Library is also open before and after school.

Peer Tutors

Each year a number of senior students volunteer to help others with their academic studies.

To apply for a peer tutor, go to the School Library and complete an application form. The co-ordinator will match each student with a tutor and that tutor will arrange a convenient time to work with their allocated student