Year 9 Physical Education

Throughout the year students will focus on the following units:


From the start of secondary school students will be encouraged to start taking responsibility for their own self.  Students will identify areas of self-management in regards to Preparation, Participation and Self Control.

HSP (Heart rate up, Sweat Some, Puff lots)

With the advancement of technologies such as computer capabilities, television, gaming and social networking, our society is becoming increasingly sedentary.  This unit is to allow students to have a go, try new things and be challenged within different physical activities.  HSP (Heart rate up, Sweat Some, Puff lots) covers the benefits of being active (wellbeing, activity for health). Students will understand how participation in games and physical activity can assist in the improvement and/or maintenance of cardio vascular fitness.  

Interpersonal Skills and Social Responsibility

Group work and working with others is an integral part of social development. Students will participate in team situations that will provide them with opportunities to work with others. It is expected that in doing so, students will develop an understanding of sharing, co-operating and accepting diversity. 


One of the main skills that make a group or team positive, successful or effective is communication.  Students will be provided with opportunities to utilise both verbal and non-verbal communication and consider how using positive and negative communication can affect your team or group.

Risk Management

Students need to be aware of the risks that occur in relation to physical activity and will be given a chance to develop skills to identify these risks.  Having identified these risks, students will come up with ways to avoid or minimise these risks.

Expression of movement

Through the context of Te Reo Māori students will gain an appreciation of the cultural significance in these activities.  They will be exposed to Māori movements and action words and be given an opportunity to gain proficiency in executing some of these movements and incorporate them in a group performance.

Water Confidence

Students will have the opportunity to build confidence in the water through games and problem-solving activities.