Performing Arts

Opportunities for students interested in music include: Talent Quest, Arts Showcase, Choir, Jazz & RnB Band, Rockquest, Stand Up Stand Out, Street Band, Chamber Groups and many more.
Students interested in Drama have many opportunities to get involved in the performing arts. Our busy programme is focused on producing powerful production work, with a focus on acting with emotional depth, conviction and control. We produce slick productions with professionalism and a keen eye on innovative use of production technologies.
Student artists are able to exhibit their work in the Arts Showcase and other Northcote College community exhibitions. In 2019, Art students traveled to New York to feast on the street and international art available.
Students interested in film-making are encouraged to enter competitions and feature their work at assemblies, the Senior Film night and the Arts Showcase. Media production courses offered in Years 12 and 13 are encouraged for students planning a career in the film and television industry.