Senior Courses

  • Business Studies is about how individuals and groups of people organise, plan and act to create and develop goods and services to satisfy customers. 
  • Classical Studies begins at NCEA Level 2 focussing on Ancient Greece and looking at literature, art and socio-political life.  For NCEA Level 3 the focus shifts to Ancient Rome.
  • Economics begins at NCEA Level 1 looking at the interaction between consumers and producers as well as the impact of government decisions. NCEA Level 2 looks at international inflation, trade and economic growth and in NCEA Level 3 the focus is on resource allocation and macro-economics. 
  • General Social Sciences is a senior course that is adapted to meet the needs and interests of students who do not meet the prerequisites of the specialist senior Social Science programmes. It is not a University Entrance course. 
  • Geography begins in NCEA Level 1 looking at extreme natural events, global events and contemporary geographical issues. At NCEA Level 2, the focus broadens to include natural landscapes and differences in development. The NCEA Level 3 programme builds on these themes and also brings in natural processes and contemporary events. 
  • History in NCEA Levels 1 and 2 surveys a number of significant 20th century events, from World War II to the Cold War, the Israel-Palestine conflict, Black Civil Rights and the rise of Trump. In NCEA Level 3 the focus shifts to 19th century New Zealand, locating this country’s history in its international context. 
  • Tourism begins with NCEA Level 2 by looking at local and international features of tourism, including business models, impacts and careers. The NCEA Level 3 course places a focus on New Zealand, Pacific and Australian tourism. This is not a university approved subject.