Registration & Fees

Registrations/ Sport Sign-Up

All sports registrations are advertised in the school notices and there will be sign up sheets in the sports office for each sport advertised.

If there are any sports which have not been advertised or sports that you may be interested in signing up for, please do not hesitate to see the Sports Department or contact
To find out sports entry and start dates either contact the Sports Department or visit the College Sport website at

We are always open to including new sports in our program at Northcote College, however each team must have sufficient numbers, a coach and manager before entered.


Sport at Northcote College is self-funding. There may therefore be a fee charged to cover team registration, transport and sports gear. The Sports Department will advertise the costs associated with each team at the beginning of each sport season on an information sheet or permission slip.

All fees must be paid directly to the accounts office via internet banking, direct debit or cash.
For information on how to pay fees please contact Sandy at


Northcote College students are expected to wear their uniform with pride. This means that students playing competition sport are required to wear full and correct sports uniform as specified by the Sports Department.

All uniform must be returned to the Sports Department once the sports season our tournament is finished. Failure to return uniform may result in a fee charge to your student account.