Year 12 NCEA Physical Education

We start in the school pool where students learn about risk management through snorkelling. This culminating in a field trip to Goat Island where the learned practical skills are applied in open water. 
Next the students begin planning lessons in preparation to lead a group of junior students in a physical activity over a four week period. It is always encouraging to see our future leaders gain confidence and enjoyment in the role, as a result of personal reflection and evaluation.  In Term 2 students play Turbo Touch, a fast paced game which could be described as a combination of Netball and Touch Rugby. They compete in teams to demonstrate physical skills, game understanding and teamwork.
The challenge continues with students learning to serve in Tennis. This is to experience first-hand how people learn skills and improve their performance through practice. This achievement standard involves coaching applications and includes sports psychology, anatomical knowledge and the study of biomechanics.  Finally the students chose a personal fitness goal and create a training programme to achieve the goal. This is followed by critiquing and evaluating the effectiveness of the programme that they wrote.

Student learning outcomes (Achievement Standards) 

  •    Demonstrate understanding of how biophysical principles relate to the learning of physical skills
  •     Demonstrate understanding of the application of biophysical principles to training for physical activity
  •     Perform a physical activity in an applied setting
  •     Demonstrate understanding of leadership strategies that contribute to the effective functioning of a group
  •     Analyse the application of risk management strategies to a challenging outdoor activity

(pics P121, P123, P124, P125, P128)