Micah Rogo

Athletics Day 2021

Pictured: Micah Rogo - Senior Boys Champion

Athletics Day

The Northcote College Athletics Day went ahead on Friday 9th April after two postponements.

The event was held at school for the first time in over 10 years (usually at Takapuna Athletics Club). 

It was a very successful day with many happy and proud students and staff members, see the Top 3 competitors per age group below:

Junior Boys
Gold - Asher Rogo (33 points)
Silver - Alexey Kuzmenko (24 points)
Bronze - Tyrone Waugh-Middleton (21 points)

Junior Girls
Gold - Lisa Gear (41 points)
Silver - Mikayla Vette (26 points)
Bronze - Charlie Shepherd (15 points)

Intermediate Boys
Gold - Micah Cooke (34 points)
Silver - Shiv Nair (31 points)
Bronze - Thanishk Allam (28 points)

Intermediate Girls
Gold (equal) - Kaitlyn Halliday (43 points)
Gold (equal) - Alissa Ford (43 points)
Gold (equal) - Myara Flint (43 points)

Senior Boys
Gold - Micah Rogo (34 points) pictured to the left
Silver - Brandon Lange (23 points)
Bronze - Sean Dixon (19 points)

Senior Girls
Gold - Sam Sinclair (37 points)
Silver - Maddie McAsey (23 points)
Bronze - Blaze Grace-Housham (19 points)