Student Leadership

Northcote College Prefects 2020

  • Head Students: Abby Dromgool and Tom Escott

  • Deputy Head Students:  Taylor Malmo and Isobelle Masters



Thamaru Alagiyawanna

Kenzie Austin

Tara Beale

Tony Bosch

Zac Cassidy

Johanna Clarke

Ella Crooks

Kees de Groot

Maca Gallardo

Kieran Galligan

Ella Glynn

Hugo Greenwood

Nathan Hadley

Jordan Jackson

Harriet Keith

Trinity Korunic

Indy Lardner

Saartje Ly

Kaze Matheson

Liam Ngata

Chelsea Phipps

Oscar Radonich

Angeleen Raj

James Scott

Ferne Skill

Dae'n Te Reo

Jeff Wang

Zoe Williams

Perry Willimott

Lillian Zhao


Student Council        

Northcote College students are encouraged to express their views and ideas through a variety of groups in the school. Student views directly impact on the direction of the school. A Board of Trustees Student Representative is elected annually.

The Student Council is a democratically elected group of Year 9 – Year 13 students whose voice extends beyond the management of the school through the Kaipātiki Youth Board student panels. The Student Council meets fortnightly and is instrumental in organising charity events in the spirit of the school motto ut prosim aliis – helping others.

Want to raise something with Student Council? Email:

Year 9

  • Angeline Rogers
  • Marcus Kennerley
  • Connor Mackenzie
  • Briana Jones
  • Kaia Ellis
  • Jessica du Buisson
  • Liberty Armstrong
  • Jessica Langenhoven
  • Zoe Peterson

Year 10

  • Eden Babbage
  • Cole Beasley
  • Zoe Greenwood
  • Emily Potter
  • India Punturiero

Year 11

  • Caitlin Batty
  • Maddie Cornelius
  • Lucas Davidson
  • Christina Sieberhagen
  • Quinn Teague
  • Jess Warren

Year 12

  • Alex Fox
  • Rose Moxley
  • Maja Shaw
  • Lucy Shepherd
  • Jacob Thomas
  • Taiga Utsugi

Year 13

  • Tony Bosch
  • Ella Glynn
  • Harriet Keith
  • Isobelle Masters
  • Chelsea Phipps

Leadership Opportunities

Check the Daily Notices for additional opportunities to develop leadership skills including:

  • Arts Council
  • Environmental Group
  • Language Ambassadors
  • Music Leaders
  • Sports Council