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Drama teaches students to think creatively. It encourages the development of empathy, the ability to work with others and to confidently share ideas. Students develop practical performance skills and the ability to perceptively interpret drama. 

Northcote College Drama consistently produces engaging performance work and fosters incredible young performers. We are renowned for the quality of our Drama productions, our frequent success with Sheilah Winn Shakespeare and Theatresports, and for our long-standing high achievement in NZQA Drama Scholarship examinations.

At the heart of Northcote College Drama is our BLACKBOX Theatre. This is where students produce professional quality theatre productions as part of the senior Drama courses. A number of other performance opportunities are available to all students through extra-curricular offerings.

The Drama Department excels working with all students - from those who simply want to develop interpersonal and transferable skills, to those who show immense promise at performers. We push our students to develop engaging, mature and powerful performance work.

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