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School Terms 2018

Term 1: 30 January - 13 April

Term 2: 30 April - 6 July

Term 3: 23 July - 28 September

Term 4: 15 October - 7 December

Uniform Guidelines

We expect Northcote College uniform will be worn correctly and with pride.



 Please note that the navy uniform was introduced in 2016. Students who started Northcote College before 2016 are able to wear the old or the new uniform as long as they do not mix the two. 

The only item of new uniform able to be worn with the 'old uniform' is the hooded jacket.


Plain black (no colour), low heeled, low cut, shoes are required with uniform.  No boots, sports shoes or sports boots are to be worn.  Note: plain black socks or black stockings must be worn with black shoes.  
Students may wear black roman sandals without socks but shoes with a full heel and toe must be worn in any laboratory or workshop.

Northcote College uniform is worn by students in Years 9, 10, 11 and 12.
Correct uniform is to be worn at school, to and from school, and at all school functions. 
All uniform must be tidy, clean and in good repair.
Parents and students may select items from the list provided. No other items, including sports team uniform, may be worn with the school uniform.
Uniform can be purchased from Yarnton’s, Birkenhead.
Year 13 Dress Code:
The guiding principle for Year 13 dress is that students should be wearing clothes that are suitable to wear to a place of work where they are dealing with members of the public.  Beachwear is not acceptable.

i) Acceptable presentation must include tidiness, cleanliness, clothing that is not torn/frayed, moderation with regard for other people’s values, dress that is not offensive to others.
This precludes:
-  the wearing of garments with offensive material on them
-  garments advertising alcohol, cigarettes, drugs
-  showing bare midriffs
-  visible underwear (including bra straps)
ii) Suitable footwear must be worn.  Footwear must have a back strap (i.e. no jandals or slip on footwear).
iii) No facial hair is permitted.
iv) Hair styles must not be extreme. Hair is to be a natural colour. For safety reasons long hair must be tied up in a    workshop or laboratory.
v) Facial piercing is not permitted.
vi) Make-up, nail polish and jewellery should be minimal.
vii) Tops without sleeves must be of modest cut and style.

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