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School Terms 2019

Term 1: 30 January - 12 April

Term 2: 29 April - 5 July

Term 3: 22 July - 27 September

Term 4: 14 October - 5 December

School Terms 2020

Term 1: 4 February - 9 April

Term 2: 28 April - 3 July

Term 3: 20 July - 25 September

Term 4: 12 October - 4 December

Student Welfare

The International Department at Northcote College considers the safety and welfare of its students to be of the highest importance. Our school is valued for the personal interest and care we show for our students.

The International Department at Northcote College considers the safety and welfare of its students to be of the highest  importance. Our school is valued for the personal interest and care we show for our students. Specialist experienced staff help to look after overseas students. Mrs Smith is the Director in charge of the international programme, Mrs D. Smith is in charge of administration, Ms Philipson is the homestay officer who finds and looks after the homestay placements, Mr Joo-Eun Cha is the Korean Student Supporter.

Northcote College has agreed to observe and be bound by the Code of Practice for the Pastoral Care of International Students published by the Ministry of Education. Copies of the Code are available on request from this institution or from the New Zealand Ministry of Education website at

Quick link: Code of Practice.pdf


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Students have access to other specialist staff such as Form Teachers, Careers Advisor, Guidance team and Year level Deans.

Where to Find Us

The international Office is located at Gate 5.


Director of International Students: Catherine Smith

Assistant Director of International Students: Diane Smith

Homestay Manager: Rebecca Philipson

Korean Student Support: Joo-Eun Cha

Japanese Student Support: Yvonne Acheson

Chinese Student Support: Ellen Wang


English Language Programmes

Northcote College has a large English Language Programme with experienced staff. Specialist English classes (ESOL) are available for overseas students. These classes run at all levels and lead to national and international English Language qualifications.

Students with very limited skills in English will find studying in English difficult. It may be necessary for students to attend a language course first. Students are assessed on arrival.   


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Ellen Wang
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Yvonne Acheson with a student.

Rachel Hartles and student.


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