miki lambert

International poetry success for Miki

Congratulations to Mikaia Rigby-Lambert for her fabulous success in an international Isolation Lockdown Poetry competition.

The Poetry In Action competition judges were “blown away” to have received hundreds of submissions from across Australia, New Zealand, and the United States.

“Congratulations! Yours really stood out to us,” they said. “We were so impressed with your poem that it made it into our Top 10 Finalists! 

“Your words were very moving. We loved your visceral use of metaphor and simile in your piece.”

The full list of Poetry in Action Top 10 Finalists is viewable on our Instagram and Facebook pages. 


Here is Mikaia’s entry:


Bubble of bliss

Staring at the ceiling

Counting cracks like stars

Hidden from the world under a sea of blankets

She lay alone, afraid.

The silent night disturbed

Whispers of sirens like a scratch at the widows

Echos of a laugh that is no more

Children gone from sight.

Streets lifeless

Cars scattered empty, waiting

Curtains shut, society locked out

The bubble pops.

Panic like an eruption

Chaos crowds the once silent roads

Greed the driving force behind man

She lay hidden.

People spreading faster than a virus

Madness, mayhem, health overlooked

Moving like a flowing river

Fast, fluid

Cough, wheeze, shiver

Blame flies as illness hunts

Hidden from the world under a sea of blankets

She lay safe.