mason field - coastguard fundraising

Raising money to save lives

Imagine being out in a boat at night, in rough seas, helping save the life of someone in distress.

Year 12 Northcote College student Mason Field can tell you what that’s like – because he’s done it. And he’s now raising money to help the charity buy equipment and maintain their Coastguard boat fleet: keeping both our Coastguard volunteers and people using our waters safe.

Mason’s got till 26 May to raise an ambitious $1000 – so please share this with friends and family who may be able to donate to help Mason and Coastguard.

It’s a unique fundraiser called ‘The Lifesaving Leap’ – where anyone who signs up and raises $1,000 by 26 May can take a leap of their own … out of a plane, in a tandem skydive.

To donate, go to, scroll down to find the “Donate to a friend” button, then search for Mason Field.

At 16, Mason is Coastguard Auckland’s youngest volunteer. His dad Paul has been in the Coastguard for years, so Paul’s been involved for many years – shaking fundraising buckets, taking part in photoshoots, parades, events, and much more.

Mason’s also been going out with his dad on Coastguard boats since he was 14 – but not as an official crew member. As soon as he turned 16 – the youngest that anyone can sign up as an official Coastguard volunteer – he began his training.

He’s one of 2000 volunteers around New Zealand who answer the call of those in distress in our waters 24/7. They give their time, care, commitment and courage – and ask for nothing in return.