Spanish Champ

Spanish speech success for Jess

Congratulations to Jess Cordes for her win in the national Spanish Speech Competition! Jess has taken first place in the Level 3 category of the contest, which is run by STANZA, the Spanish Teachers Association of NZ Aotearoa.

It is an especially sweet win, as Jess took second prize last year in the Level 2 competition.

Each entrant had to answer three compulsory questions in their speech.

‘This year for Year 13 is was about problems in your city or town,’ says Jess. The first question asked what the problem was, and the second asked them to discuss whether the responsibility for solving the problem rests with individuals or the community. The final question asked entrants what they did to make the world a better place.

‘I talked about how there were so many mental health problems, rather than a physical problem,’ Jess says. ‘About how you have to look a bit deeper, and how we all have to take responsibility – from being a young child playing nicely in the sandpit, to being a big company looking after your employees.

‘If you’re nice to one person they’re more likely to be nice to another person – and it just multiplies. If you’re passing a stranger in the street it doesn’t cost anything to smile and say hello.’

Jess laughs as she admits she has no idea what she’ll spend her winnings – a $100 Prezzy Card voucher – on.

‘I’m not very good at spending money. I’ve still got the $100 I won last year!’

¡Felicitaciones por su victoria, Jess!