Northcote College Careers Day 2023

2023 Careers Day a huge success

The recent Northcote College Careers Expo was a triumph – with more than 70 speakers hosting workshops  introducing students to a huge range of career choices.

The keynote speaker was careers consultant Debbie Driver, who also led 4 workshops during the day. We were also delighted to welcome back former head students Jack Lawton and Ruby Macomber as speakers.

Special thanks to Fiona Mackenzie and Charles Wallace for the huge task of organising the event.

And, of course, thanks to all our guest speakers, who generously gave their time to help students explore different career pathways.

Air conditioning/heating/ventilation – Brett Phillips & Bevan Prince

Accounting David Hounsell

Accounting/ sales rep / territory manager – Dan Allen

Arborist – Simon Batchelor

Architect – Tessa Forde

Armed Forces  – Lanka Ge & Tarnia Samuel-Armstrong

Art Therapist – Hannah Eriksen-Gowing

Author/documentary film maker – Dan Salmon

Bail Support Officer (Corrections) – Brooke Varney & Shonal Kumar

Barbering  – Jerome Eki  

Boat building – Karena Te Ruki-Pasene + Amelia Connor

Building/tradesCampbell Mercer

Business – Anil Nathoo

Business Advisory/entrepreneurship – Murdoch Razmi

Careers advisor/Work support/YOUTH – Beth Natler & Luke Hadfield

Chef (Park Hyatt) – Brent Martin

Chiropractor – Barry Rushton

Construction Management – Zac Cassidy

Counselling – Katie Griff

Dentist/Health Science – Kellie Hauptfleisch

Designer – Anzac Tasker

Detective – Jaimee Dudley

Doctor – Hannah Au

Early childhood education – Julie Killick

Economist – Dominick Stephens

Educational psychology – Nicole Ashby & Athena Fernando

Electrician – Mark Brooks + Daniel Spicer

Engineer – Ioana Manoa

Film/media/producer/acting/dance/directing – Harri Keith,Tomai Ihaia, Cara Wright & Marc Laureano

Financial Management – Amy Lewis

Firefighter – Brent English

Flight Attendant – Gina Wilton

Florist – Linda Read

Hairdressing – Brooke Llewell

Human Resources – Sona Valesyan

IT - cyber security  – Andy Young

IT - game development/programming – Jeff Chilberto

IT - New Era/employment/women – Ashley Addy, Judi McNui & Jenny Yueng

Landscaper – Michael Dudley

Law  – Sid Dymond

Legal researcher – Bronwyn McGee

Logistics/warehousing – Graeme Moscrip

Market Analyst – Paul Grimwood

Marketing/media/brand strategy – Cat Macnaughton

Mechanic/property investing – Phil Fraser

Media/broadcasting – Ella Shepherd

Medical Laboratory Scientist – Phoebe Malley

Music – Jeremy Toy

Nursing – Natasha Hilton

Nutrition/Dietitian/Lecturer – Sylvia North

Occupational Therapist – Alysha Burgess

Paramedic – Quinn Teague

Photographer/painter/artist – Synthia Bahati

Physiotherapist – Simon Keepa

Physiotherapist – Grant Mawston

Pilot + skydiver – Pierce Hargreaves + Jo Austin

Plumbing – Matt Minturn

Police dog handler – Peter Pedersen

Policy development, politics  – Dan Bidois

Production/lighting & sound – Spencer Earwaker

Psychology/criminology – Joann John

Real Estate  – David Holton

Retail – Seb Andreassen

Roofing – Ryan Horgan

Scientist  – Michael Brown

Social work –  Laura Martin

Sports management/coaching – Luke Hadfield

Teacher aide – Karen Justice

Teaching (primary) – Elliot Thomas

Teaching (secondary) – Paul Hewson

Travel – Rory Grant

Vet Administration – Hannah Burton