2024 northcote college prefects

2024 prefects announced

We are proud to announce the Northcote College Prefects for 2024.

Each of these 35 students has shown a range of admirable qualities, and we look forward to their year as our students leaders. Congratulations to all of you!

The newly-announced prefects for 2024 were welcomed at a special lunch today, where the current prefects presented them with their prefects badges, and shared some great advice.

The new prefects are:  

Zaf Ardani
Liberty Armstrong
Maya Babu
Caitlin Chappell
Micah Cooke
Gray Cooksley
Lotte de Groot
Jessica du Buisson
Kaia Ellis
Zain Franicevic
Jade Hardeman
Issy Harris
Briana Jones
Hwani Kim
Ethan King
Krish Nair
Tyra Nansen
Zoe Peterson
J J Proctor-Gunn
Noah Read
Asher Rogo
Elliot Schrey
Charlie Shepherd
Shunta Shinzaki
Aidan Smedley
August Stanley
Agnes Stephens
Siena Terimene-Simon
Unaiki Thein
Neo Tunnicliffe
Tiger Watson
Dom Wharepouri
Emily Whitby
Cruz Wilson
Sweetpea Young