2024 T1 wk 05 athletics day

Congratulations to all our 2024 athletics champions

We had an absolute blast at the Northcote College Athletics Day last week - where we crowned our 2024 Athletics Champions, and a brand new Junior High Jump Champion. 

Athletics Day is always an action-packed and fast-paced event – with a mix of high level competitors, through to students trying new or less familiar events. The top field was given over to track events, while the high jump competition was in the gym, and the bottom fields hosted discuss, shotput, long jump and javelin.


Congratulations to our 2024 Athletics Champions:

Senior Girls – Sophie King 13ZLM
Senior Boys – Asher Rogo 13LD

Intermediate Girls – Lisa Gear 12KHN
Intermediate Boys – Ricco Howarth 12PRB

Junior Girls – Tyla Jenkins 9BTE
Junior Boys – Ben Kimpton 9KKM


Congratulations also go to Isaac McMillan (9KKM) who set a new Junior High Jump Record of 165cm  – breaking the long-held record set by Jason Delaveau 15 years ago in 2009. 

The juniors had been watching the intermediate high jumpers while waiting for their own event to begin. Before the bar was lowered for the first rounds of the junior event, Isaac asked teacher in charge Aik Ho if he could “have a go” at the 165cm height the intermediate competitors had just finished their event at.

There was jubilation in the gym when Isaac cleared the 165cm height – breaking the 164cm record which had been set by Jason Delaveau back in 2009. 

Isaac went on to repeat his record-breaking jump during the official competition, cementing his place as the college’s official new Junior Boys High Jump Champion.