2024 T1 wk 06 swimming sports

Congratulations to our 2024 swimming champions

We had a cracking day at the Northcote College Swimming Sports. There was some hot competition – and plenty of good fun. Here’s a few piccies of the action.


Congratulations to our newly-minted 2024 Northcote College Swimming Champions:


Senior Girls – Amelia Iddon (13ZLM)

Senior Boys – Dom Wharepouri (13WL)


Intermediate Girls – Jessica Elias (11HNR)

Intermediate Boys – Jeremy Christie (11GOS)


Junior Girls – Toi Shepherd (9WHN)

Junior Boys – Finley Newman (9KKM)


Huge thanks to the Sports Department for organising another fabulous event, and to the other staff and student helpers who made sure everything ran smoothly on the day.