2023 T12 drama second afterlife

The drama of life after Facebook

Year 12 drama students treated audiences to two amazing performances of Ralph McCubbin Howell’s ‘Second Afterlife’ last week.

The Wednesday and Thursday shows featured different actors giving stunning performances in four key roles. Dan was played by August Stanley  and Gray Cooksley; The Guide by Emma Sudworth and Jordyn Taylor; Bea by Emma Praine  and Liberty Armstrong, and Sadie by Millie Rooney and Kiara Shera.

Huge applause, too, for actors Jesse Pounder (Ethan/World of Warcraft), Harrison  Baker (Simon), Kenny Campbell (Bebo), Charlie Shepherd (Tinder), Trinity Perry (Twitter), Julie Hornsby (Meme 1), and Kathleen Jean Clerigo (Meme 2).

The play is a twisted allegory for the Facebook generation – a poetic, comical romp into the darkest corners of the web.

It revolves around Dan – who’s done it all: Facebook, Bebo, Warcraft … and the unfortunate foray into Tinder. Dan’s now deleted all his profiles and is ready to reinvent himself. He’s let go of social media – but is social media ready to let go of Dan? To forge his new identity, Dan must battle the ghosts of his internet history – the Facebook fanatic, Bebo emo, Warcraft gamer, and Tinder Casanova – and they’re not ready to go without a fight.