2024 T1 wk 06 police dog visit

Police dog helps teach the laws of genetics

A visit by police dog Denzo and Snr Sgt Pete Pedersen was undoubtedly the highlight of the week for Year 13 Biology students.

We were captivated by a field demonstration, as Denzo tracked a scent trail laid out by one of the officers, and grappled with an ‘offender’ (played by Snr Sgt Pedersen).

The biology students are looking into the genetic processes that underpin selective breeding of dogs, and had plenty of great questions during the session with Sgt Pedersen. Since the police began their own breeding programme, the number of dogs successfully completing training and becoming working police dogs is much higher than before the breeding programme began.

The visit helped the students get access to a first-hand resource into the social and biological implications of breeding – and having the chance to see a live action demonstration of the traits the dogs are bred for was a great experience.

And then the highlight – a practical demonstration of Denzo’s tracking abilities, and skill at stopping offenders when needed.