NC scholarship recipients 2023

Scholarship success for outstanding students

Congratulations to Northcote College’s 2023 Scholarship Exam recipients. We were delighted to welcome them all to a special morning tea with staff today, to chat about their successes, current studies, and future plans. They also spoke at today’s assemblies, encouraging current students to take on Scholarship studies.


Nikita Botha – biology
Hugo Fletcher – English
Miuwai Lee – biology, photography
Stefan Naja – statistics (outstanding)
Camila Paredes Riveros – photography
Emily Potter – French, biology
Sean Starr – biology, chemistry, physics, calculus
Mary Thompson – biology
Shunsuke Yoshioka (as a Year 12 student) – Japanese
Gwen Yu Soon – English


CAPTION - left to right:

Shunksuke Yushioka, Stefan Naja, Hugo Fletcher, Sean Starr, Nikita Botha, Miuwai Lee, Gwen Yu Soon, Camila Paredes Riveros, Mary Thompson, Emily Potter