oliver hayward

US scholarship for Oliver

Hearty congratulations to Oliver Hayward, who’s been awarded a full scholarship to an American university.

He’ll be taking up a place at Midland College in Texas, studying and playing basketball.

After leaving Northcote College at the end of last year Oliver spent some time in the States, where he caught the eye of coaches at a number of colleges and was offered several scholarships.

‘It’s a very exciting opportunity. I think I’m going to go down the business and management route. I think that will be the right degree for me. And if I play really well I hope to play basketball professionally – whether that’s Europe, China, Japan, America or, of course, Australia or New Zealand.’

No sooner had Oliver accepted the Midland offer when Covid 19 swept the world.

‘At this stage it’s a little bit unknown when I’ll be able to go. I was meant to leave in August, but with travel restrictions we just have to wait and see what happens.

‘I’ve been doing a lot of individual training – like going to the gym and doing a thousand shots a day. I’d be at the gym at 11 o’clock at night when most people were sleeping.’

Oliver’s been working hard towards his goal for years – and says he didn’t do it alone.

‘I have to thank my family for all the sacrifices they’ve made over the last few years to help me get to this point. And my high school coach Colin Hodgkinson. I owe my development in the game to him. He’s always believed in me and pushed me to become the player I am today.

‘I’d also like to thank Stuart Chong and the other staff at Northcote College for being so supportive and giving me other opportunities to grow into a better person as well as a better player.’

We wish Oliver all the best with his studies and playing career.