Y13 showcase northcote college

Year 13s rock the house!

The Year 13 Showcase rocked the house in Oro on Thursday night. From soulful solos to raging rock - the showcase had it all. What a fantastic night!  

Thanks to Jess Warren and everyone who worked so hard to create the magical evening, including Michael Goodwin, Matt Goldsbro’ and the tech crew. 

The set list featured Year 13 musicians – and some returning alums:  

  • Lando – Orlando Cooper, Ryan Tomov, Lucas Davidson, Finn McNeil
  • Lauren Gibson
  • Hannah Christie
  • Astar Rickit-Cook & Mason Wirihana
  • Serve the Cat – Zac Ridley, Finn Hartson, Miuwai Lee, Alex Coneglan
  • Ryan Tomov
  • Taurima Elisaia-Hopa & Mason Wirihana
  • Quinn Teague
  • Shivam Verma
  • Lost Vagus – Lucas Davidson, Jess Warren, Quinn Teague, Ryan Tomov, Jordan Carpendale, Lauren Gibson
  • Jess Warren & Lucas Davidson