North Harbour Basketball Competition 

Trainings are during mornings, lunchtimes & after school in the gym.  All players must attend to assure their place in a team.


Premier Boys

Open Boys

U17A Boys

U17B Boys

Junior A Boys

Junior B Boys

Year 9A Boys

Year 9B Boys    

Open Girls

U17 Girls

Junior Girls


ALL PLAYERS will be supplied with uniforms. Failure to return the uniform that they were issued will result in a charge of $130.  It is important that all players wear appropriate shoes for all games and practices.


Open Grade Boys & Girls:  $195:00 per player
Under 17 Boys League 1:    $165:00 per player  
All other Grades:    $150 per player
Playing for 2 teams: $100 added to primary team fee

Tournament Week:

Both of our senior and junior basketball teams compete in Tournament Week each year in the first week of September, the teams will be away for approximately 1 week at the chosen location which changes year to year. There is an additional fee four Tournament Week which will include accommodation, transport, food, entry fees and teacher relief.


TIC Stuart Chong
Sports Department     481 0141 ext.749