All teams play at Netball North Harbour - Year 9 teams one afternoon during the week (TBC beginning of season) all other teams on Saturdays.


Premier 1  Year 9/1
Team 2     Year 9/2
Team 3 Year 9/3
Team 4 Year 9/4
Team 5  
Team 6  


All teams will be supplied with a dress. A small hireage fee will be included in the Netball Fee. These uniforms are issued through the Sports Office prior to the start of the season, and returned at the end of the season.

All girls must wear appropriate undergarments; a sports bra and proper netball “knickers” in black or if available the same royal blue as their netball uniform. Socks must be white and ankle length or shorter. It is important that all players wear appropriate netball shoes for all games and practices.

Team Requirements

All teams must have:                 

  1. A coach and practice at least once a week.
  2. An adult manager (parent of a player) if the coach is a student.
  3. A set of team bibs (provided)
  4. A set of balls and cones etc including an appropriate court ball (provided)
  5. An umpire for each game (allocated each week)


The fees contribute to; Competition Entry, North Harbour Netball Fees, Player Registration Fee, Umpiring, Transport and Equipment across the programme.
Fees need to be paid in full or an automatic payment put in place by Monday 1st May.

Tournament Week

Our Premier Netball team competes in UNISS Tournament Week each year during the first week of September. The team will be away for approximately one week at the chosen location which changes year to year. There is an additional fee for Tournament Week which will include accommodation, transport, food, entry fees and teacher relief. Players in these teams are expected to attend the tournament as part of their commitment to the team.


TIC       Rebekah Te Hau
Sports Department        481 0141 ext.749