Please note: all game times and days are subject to change by College Sport and draws can be found on
the Netball North Harbour Website

Grade Game day Season Venue
Prem 1 Saturday Grading 28th April/23rd June
Games 2nd May – 22nd August
Netball North Harbour

Prem 2
Team 3
Team 4 
Team 5
Team 6

8am - 1pm
2nd May – 22nd August Netball North Harbour

Year 9 Team 1
Year 9 Team 2
Year 9 Team 3
Year 9 Team 4

5:40pm - 7:30pm
4th May – 31st August Netball North Harbour


This year we will be starting to introduce a new uniform for netball. Thanks to funding we have been
able to get 5 new sets of dresses for our netball teams. All teams will be wearing the new uniform: a
navy blue dress. These are issued through the Sports Office prior to the start of the season and must be
returned at the end of the season. A small hireage fee will be included in the Netball Fee, and if the
uniforms are not returned the students will be charged for them.

All girls must wear appropriate underwear; a sports bra and proper netball “knickers” in black or if
available the same blue as their netball uniform. No bikini underwear, g-strings or bike pants are to be
worn. There are also to be no bra straps showing. Socks must be white and ankle length or shorter. It is
important that all players wear appropriate netball shoes for all games and practices.

It is not acceptable to wear a singlet/tee shirt underneath your uniform if it can be seen. If a player is
required to wear long sleeves or leggings under their dress, the sports office needs to be notified before
the start of the season so we can apply for special compensation from Netball North Harbour. As players
are representing the school it is important that they are always tidy.

Uniform Care

We would like to ensure that the new uniforms last and continue to look tidy. Please make sure that
dresses are looked after across the season. If there is damage to a dress there may be a charge to
replace it. Dresses need to be washed inside out and then hung on a coat hanger to dry. Dresses are not
to be dried in a clothes dryer.

Team Requirements

All teams must have:                 

  1. A coach and practice at least once a week.
  2. An adult manager (parent of a player) if the coach is a student.
  3. A set of team bibs (provided)
  4. A set of balls and cones etc including an appropriate game ball (provided)
  5. An umpire for each game (allocated each week)

If you would like to support your student please contact the Sports Office
All teams need an adult manager to support the student coaches. This would mean contacting players
before games and trainings to ensure that all players will be there and on time and liaising with parents
and coaches. If you are able, picking up players who may need a ride to the games. All managers must
be present at the games for supervision to collect score cards and score games. Team Cards are to be
picked up before the game and returned after to the downstairs control room.
It is a Netball North Harbour rule that teams must have a manager attending games. This person is to
complete the score sheet before and after the game where needed, be aware of any medical
conditions of players in the team, implement rules of the competition and supervise the players.
Please ensure you fill out the form on the attached sheet (whether you can assist or not).


NETBALL FEES 2020 (any tournaments entered are not included in the fees below)
Premier 1 $170
Premier 2 $165
All other Senior Teams $150
Year 9 Elite $155
All other Year 9 Teams $145

Tournament Week

Team 1 and Year 9 Team 1 attend tournaments each year where they play against top teams of other
schools mostly from the Auckland and upper North Island region. The cost for these tournaments is
separate from the registration fee payable by all players. The cost will be approximately $20 per
tournament to cover transport, tournament fees and payment for umpires. Players in these teams are
expected to attend these tournaments as part of their commitment to these teams. UNISS tournament
is during the first week of September (Premier 1 only).


TIC       Rebekah Te Hau
Sports Department        481 0141 ext.749